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Mr. Joraby is an orchard man in Tola Gachi village of Feroz Nakhchir district of Samangan Province. He is the head of a family with nine members. He is eking out a living for his family from grapevine cultivation. For the last years, Mr. Joraby’s orchard has faced water deficiency and to protect his orchard from drying, he had dug tube well and use generator for irrigation of his orchard. But he was not happy.

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Kubra Hussaini

Throughout Afghanistan, women have been the most vulnerable segment in society. Providing for themselves and their families has become a challenge as they are often forbidden to work or attend school. Through access to finance, however, women in Afghanistan have a chance to change their lives.

Noor Zia

Like thousands of Afghanis after the collapse of the Taliban regime, Noor Zia lost her job. In 2005, Noor heard about FINCA’s loans for small business owners and found it intriguing because FINCA made loans available to women like her who were working hard to build small businesses to support their families.



Nafisa is 50 years old and has decades of experience designing and sewing traditional Afghani dresses. “Without FINCA’s loans my family, and especially my daughter, would not have the kind of life we have today. I am so grateful that we’re looking at a brighter future.”


I used my first FINCA loan to buy a sewing machine. The sun of luck started shining on the windows of our house! I kept on asking customers to bring clothes for me and I worked hard and tirelessly to take a share in feeding my small brothers and sister as an elder member of the family.



Alia is 35 years old. She is the breadwinner for her two daughters. The elder daughter is 20 years old and is in 12th grade and another is 17 years old in 8th grade. Her husband disappeared 12 years ago during war and from that day Alia has not had any support.

Abdul Ghader

Abdul Ghader

Abdul Ghader is the inhabitant of Herat City has a tailoring industry that produces school uniform for children. To expand his business, he needed three electric tailoring machines. He decided to get help from FINCA Afghanistan.

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