What We Offer


Individual Loans

Small Enterprise Loan (SEL)

SEL loan is small enterprises loan used to finance small scale businesses in Afghanistan.

Small and Medium Enterprise Loan (SME)

SME loans are small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Afghanistan.

Emergency Credit Loan (ECL)

Emergency Credit Line (ECL) is designed to meet the emergency needs of borrower.

Agriculture and Livestock

FINCA Afghanistan introduced agriculture and livestock product which will meet the needs of an Agriculturist.

Islamic Loans

Business Murabaha Agreement (BMA)

BMA is an Islamic financial service (Murabah) used to finance in income generating activities by men/women.

Women Murabah Group (WMG)

WMG is an Islamic financial services (Murabah) used to finance in income generating activities by women.

FINCA Afghanistan operates in Afghanistan as a joint stock company limited by shares and obtained a license from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).
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